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Certain Muslims within the You.S. On the side Practice Polygamy


Certain Muslims within the You.S. On the side Practice Polygamy Regardless if polygamy are unlawful regarding You.S. and more than mosques try to dissuade plural erica features unofficially married multiple wives. No-one understands how many Muslims regarding the U.S. are now living in polygamous families. But according to academics researching the issue, prices are priced between fifty,000 so you’re able to 100,000 some one. You can find a number of the feminine employed in polygamous ilies, a great nonprofit ladies center inside New york. It blasts having colour because the 12 ladies in vibrant African clothes and head wraps collect having a weekly noon appointment to have West African immigrants. The ladies already been a week to this assistance category in which they discuss difficult affairs, instance domestic punishment, problems, immigration hurdles and polygamy. Polygamy is easily practiced inside the parts of Africa, and you will almost every one of the women in the team provides experienced polygamy first hand – both once the a wife in the a beneficial plural ilies that have you to father that 2 or more spouses. Class affiliate Sarah claims one in her native Guinea, this new spouse springs they on his wife that […]