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What Not to Do on an OkCupid Date


What Not to Do on an OkCupid Date This is the absolute most important rule. It is acceptable to touch on topics related to each other’s profiles, but absolutely and under no circumstances should you center the conversation around the fact that you met on OkCupid. For example, instead of saying, “I read on your profile that what you do on a typical Friday night is run around naked,” maybe you can say, “So, you run around naked?” Under no circumstances should you mention any of the following things: Your OkCupid match percentage with your date, the phrase “OkCupid profile,” the answers to your match questions or the word “OkCupid.” Online dating is still somewhat stigmatized Can you imagine the humiliation of being in a quiet bar with a few other people who look like they’re on dates as well and your date says, “So, how long have you been doing this OkCupid thing, anyway?”