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How many people does the average person meet in their life


How many people does the average person meet in their life Often these interactions are fertile ground for sharing God’s love (not preaching or proselytizing, just loving) I don’t know why I was researching this question. However, I found an answer: 80,000. This answer is based on our living in the city and interacting with 3 new people daily after the age of 5 years old. (Infographic ) I have a little difficulty in defining interacting. Must it be in person, or can it be on the phone-or, in today’s world, even on social media? I think they mean in person. We’d have to define “meet”. Webster says “to come face-to-face” or “to come into the presence of”. This is too broad of a definition for my question. If I work as a cashier dominerande webbplats and Jim Morrison buys a pack of gum from me, that doesn’t really count. Yes, we came face-to-face, but we didn’t exchange names, we didn’t share any conversation, perhaps we didn’t even make eye contact. Let’s agree to use the following definition: meeting someone qualifies if ANY of the following takes place: Consider that I will live the average life span-78.3 years, Adjusting […]