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How to reset your dating mojo if you have dating app fatigue


How to reset your dating mojo if you have dating app fatigue When you’re looking for that special someone, dating apps are the norm now for millions of single people – but what happens when you aren’t seeing much luck with them? Though the good, the bad and the ugly of dating apps are relative to personal experiences – and many people find love online – there’s no doubt dating app fatigue is also a real thing. Do you continue using them, or throw in the towel and hope you have your own meet-cute in the supermarket aisle or coffee shop? Marina Lazaris, love and relationships expert on The School of Love podcast and author of Men Need Love Too, says you know you have dating app fatigue when you’ve become super critical about everything. “When you create that negativity within the interactions of those that you’re speaking with, it is also another sign,” she says. Emma Sayle, co-founder of the WAX dating app, adds that dating app fatigue also refers to the feeling of exhaustion, frustration or burnout many people experience from using dating apps extensively. “It often stems from the repetitive nature of swiping through profiles, engaging in […]