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Top 110+ DevOps Interview Questions and Answers for 2023


Content What is Infrastructure as Code(IaC)? Instead of YAML, what can you use as an alternate file for building Docker compose? Which command is used to delete the named policy group from the Chef Infra Server ? Best Chef DevOps Interview Questions and Answers MuleSoft Interview Questions for beginners and experienced Name a few popular DevOps tools. Which one(s) do you prefer? This practice allows the development team to decide when to release new changes or features to best benefit the organization. Once the codes have passed the tests, they are automatically pushed to the production environment. In the version control system, developers can also collaborate on a project, compare between versions, and undo any mistakes they make, thus mitigating disruption to all team members. I would resort to CI, release management, and other tools to keep interdisciplinary projects on track. It involves a work culture and delivery strategy based on close collaboration, continuous improvement, and automated tools. Candidates appearing for a DevOps interview should be familiar with these aspects of the job. DevOps Engineers are highly in demand in the tech industry—they have the ideal mix of technical and development skills, plus resource management and communication skills. This powerful […]