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MetaTrader 4 5 MT4 MT5 Android Download Trading Platform


All Лайм ФХ platforms use SSL encrypted security systems as well as dual-factor authentication protocols. Withdrawals and transfers can also be protected via an SMS confirmation code with each transaction. For their bonus programmes, the broker also has anti-fraud systems in place to protect against repeated transfers of funds. Note detailed contract specifications can be found on the broker’s website. Professional traders can take advantage of the cutting edge MT5 platform, which provides speed and reliability for advanced trading. Always keep in mind that however beautiful a trading strategy may seem, never rush at using it on real money. Demo account parameters are similar to Prime accounts, which are intended for Professional traders. All application have free demo versions in the Market, so they may be tested before you buy them. MT4 includes all the essential features a beginner or advanced trader would need, with 50 indicators for technical analysis, basic graphical tools, and 3 order execution types. Users can also program their own trading robots with StrategyQuant and take advantage of the one-click trading capability. When trading on Лайм ФХ demo accounts, you can benefit from “Cashback (Rebates)” program, which allows you to get additional income. Your Pending order […]

Why trade CFDs instead of Stocks?


For example, instead of buying or selling physical gold, a trader can simply speculate on whether the price of gold will go up or down. When you trade CFDs, you have the opportunity to select different contracts that vary in increment value and currency type, depending on the country in which the underlying asset originates. Forex trading is about trading one currency against another currency and always involves trading in uniform lot sizes. First, both types of trading involve a similar trade execution process. Traders can easily enter or exit the market in both rising and falling markets. Second, both CFD trades and Forex trades are executed on the same platform, using similar looking charts and pricing methods. Like CFD trading, spread betting enables you to open leveraged buy or sell positions on a range of markets without taking ownership of any assets. But these two leveraged products work in slightly different ways. Although CFDs spare traders from many of the costs of traditional trading, CFD traders are required to pay the costs of spreads. CFD traders have to pay the spread on entry and exit positions, meaning that it’s potentially harder to make small profits. The spread cost must […]

Investments & Finance: Latest News 2023 vegconomist: the vegan business magazine


BABY shares trade at a Price to Sales ratio of 58 plus the company cannot benefit from the army of Robinhood and WallStreetBets retail trades due to OTC trading limitations. Many children are allergic to milk and dairy products (including me when I was a kid) because milk is food for baby cows, not human children. OTLY stock has done much since the IPO back in May 2021 and trades near its IPO price of $17. The good news is the company raised its full-year 2021 revenue guidance to $690 million and plans to produce a whopping 600 million liters of finished foods in 2021. Plant-based meat and milk companies will disrupt the entire food industry by providing healthier alternatives to meat and dairy. Instead of randomly picking a single vegan stock — or two or three — that sound like they might be good bets, consider VEGN. The purchase of a single share gives you a little sliver of each of the stocks that represent shares of companies that meet the ETF’s standards of ethical and humane treatment of animals and the earth. What’s more, VEGN thus far has remained unaffected by the volatility seen in many of the […]

Deeply Concerned Fed Issues Serious $120 Billion Crypto Warning As Price Death Cross Looms For Bitcoin And Ethereum


However, a closer look shows that the coin has formed a falling wedge pattern, which is usually a bullish sign. In retrospect, traders perceive Falling Wedges as bullish reversal patterns that form when an asset slips lower while forming a sequence of lower highs and lower lows. Traders realize a bullish bias when the asset convincingly breaks the Wedge’s resistance, accompanied by higher volumes. Bitcoin price is up by 1.6% over the last 24 hours against a backdrop of 7.0% in cumulative losses across seven days. The pioneer cryptocurrency is trying to arrest last week’s downtrend, which saw its leg tag $19,543 on the downside. Possibly, a daily close above $20,000 will push BTC higher and authenticate a falling wedge pattern breakout with eyes set on $23,000. With a projected target of $34,000, the cryptocurrency community eagerly awaits the resumption of the long-awaited bull market. Short-term technicals for Dogecoin point at lateral price movement which sides with the falling wedge pattern. Buyers were lesser than sellers in the market which is why the coin was seen parked below the 20-SMA line. This has indicated that sellers drove the price momentum in the market currently. Dogecoin was almost 90% down from […]

Cryptocurrency Wikipedia


Content Selfish Mining Currency Crisis Four tips to invest in cryptocurrency safely Repair Miners Is Cryptocurrency Trading Right For Me? Prior to entering a trade, it is important to know how much you are willing to lose on that crypto trade if it goes against you. For example, a person might wish to only risk losing 1% of their overall trading capital either in total or per trade. The difference between what you spend for the asset and what you get when you sell it is known as capital gains. How do people earn with crypto? These include investing in crypto assets for long-term growth potential, trading to exploit short-term price fluctuations, staking and lending coins for rewards, participating in crypto social media platforms that reward content creation, mining for new coins with specialized hardware, and taking advantage of airdrops … And unlike CFD trading, spot traders own the cryptocurrency directly rather than trading a derivative contract. The first cryptocurrency, bitcoin remains the world’s leading cryptocurrency by market capitalisation or value. It is a global peer-to-peer digital payment system that allows parties to transact directly with each other with no need for an intermediary such as a bank. Bitcoin is […]