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S. delegation that’s here with me


S. delegation that’s here with me And so, you’ve got the You. Let me greet my spouse which is and additionally here. I want to greeting the fresh Brazilian exchange unionists you to definitely found my invite from the my personal labor minister. And i also should allowed the fresh U.S. work movement. Well, firstly, I’ve this new contentment to inform President Biden it Union having Workers’ Liberties. And very much honored for the visibility your sibling, Gilbert Houngbo, Director-General of one’s In the world Labor Organization, and you can my buddy, Luiz Marinho, the latest labor minister from Brazil. And you can I’d together with would you like to enjoy the contribution of one’s head frontrunners of your own American Federation out of Labor or any other labor teams from the You.S., in which We owe all of them a great amount of grate- – I am extremely grateful to them, once the in lots of tough moments that people got within the Brazil, the newest U.S. work way showed solidarity – offered solidarity in order to all of us, toward Brazilian work path. A romance of your own twenty-first century that’s civilized, but also pursuing the – to […]